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NEW! STORE: About Me

Just Another Channel is 100% supported by YOU. Thank you for visiting our great sponsors or making a donation below. 


Bitcoin Investing Made Easy.

Swan is the best way to accumulate Bitcoin with automatic recurring and instant buys using your bank account, or wires up to $100M.

Over the last three years, saving $50 per week in Bitcoin turned $ 7,850 into $ 40,236.


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NEW! STORE: About Me

Need to print your marketing materials?

UZ Marketing is a Houston marketing agency designed to help smaller businesses flourish and bigger businesses sustain their top position.


This is where Just Another Channel gets ALL of our print materials. If you need business cards, yard signs, postcards/flyers, custom t-shirts or ANY printed materials, you won't find them cheaper or faster than UZ Marketing.


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Happy Healthy Body Care …With SilverSol™ Technology

Protect yourself and your family from bacteria, viruses and infection with:


  • MANUKA honey lozenges (60ppm nanosilver)

  • FDA-Approved Wound Care Gel

  • CBD Skin Cream (20ppm nanosilver)

  • ALL infused with Patented SilverSol™ Nano Silver. 


Amazing Products, Great Prices. (Official Sponsor of JUSTANOTHERCHANNEL.COM)

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